3 October 2017

Picture perfect road trip

INFINITI recently partnered with content creator Kopper Finch to take advantage of the stylish and practical QX30 on a scenic road trip through New South Wales.


"As a digital nomad and freelance creative, where I work is wherever I have my tools and technology. When INFINITI asked if I was interested in testing out one of their cars and creating a few of my cinemagraphs, I couldn’t wait to try out something from the range and take my creative endeavours to the open road.

I chose the QX30 so I could head out of the city on an adventure I’d been wanting to do to South West Rocks, just north of Port Macquarie – it’s a hidden treasure and in my opinion, one of NSW’s best kept secrets. Think winding leafy roads, panoramic outlooks where you’re almost guaranteed to spot a whale if the season’s right, spectacular sunrises and sunsets (the best on the east coast), warm winds, crystal clear waters, historic architecture and wonderful people. It’s the perfect escape from the bustle of Sydney to get into nature and recharge your batteries.

The drive up to Arakoon National Park is around 6 hours if you allow for a few cheeky stops for coffee and vegie pasties along the way. At first this seemed like a daunting amount of driving for one day but the height and solid build of the QX30 with its easy to use cruise control made it an enjoyable, breezy ride. I must admit, it makes you appreciate not working a standard 9 to 5 day when you realise the reason the traffic’s flowing so well is because it’s a Monday and most people are in an office. #humblebrag

Arriving at the campsite in the mid afternoon allowed me to set up my tent and still experience the historic Gaol which housed German prisoners during WW1, drive into town for some supplies and then back to set up a picnic and watch the sunset while Eastern Grey Kangaroos casually hopped by.

Because I’m not a morning person *at all* I struggled with wanting to stay in bed but also wanting to experience the spectacular sunrise every morning. I decided to put the car seats down, park and sleep in the car at one of the best sunrise views in town. Let me just say, I recommend waking up like this.

The rest of the adventure was spent appreciating my new favourite Aussie town and then meandering down the coast, shooting footage and editing on the way. Seeing Australia through the luxury and state-of-the-art technology of the INFINITI QX30 was unique and made the experience so enriching – I felt motivated coming back from the beach and doing a few hours of work in the car and then driving off to meet locals and other nomads.

The final stop before heading back to Sydney was Newcastle which is certainly coming into its own as a little creative hub. I loved parking the car and hopping out into different quaint cafes with eclectic vintage aesthetics and wandering through stores with knickknacks, perfect for my insatiable desire to create flat lays.

Sydney welcomed me back with some beautiful weather and I stopped by my favourite vista of the Harbour before driving back with the sunset shining on my new favourite car."

My favourite features:

  • Keyless entry: when you’re rushing around and carrying all of your gear, the last thing you want to do is put it all down and rummage through your handbag to find your key. Placing your hand on the door and hearing it unlock is like a ‘welcome back’ from the car.
  • “Moving Object Detection”: this provides a little bit of extra safety and peace of mind when you’re out on the highway and changing lanes.
  • Bose premium audio system: A road trip is not a road trip without your perfect playlist. I also really enjoy listening to podcasts when I’m driving and the Bose system makes it sound like the presenters are sitting in the car with you.
  • How much space the car has!

My South West Rocks road trip tips:

  • Go early or choose a day where you’re driving against the traffic
  • Give yourself more than a few days – once you’re up there you won’t want to leave
  • If you’ve never seen a kangaroo in the wild, South West Rocks is your place. Definitely don’t try to touch or feed them, but they won’t mind you walking amongst them, snapping a few pics and admiring them feeding their young.
  • Best sunrise spot: The end of the Trial Bay Access Rd along the water or The Smokey Cape Lighthouse lookout. You can also stay at the Lighthouse if you’re keen for a bed and a long hot shower instead of a blow up mattress!
  • Best sunset spot: Trial Bay Beach after/during a swim – the water is calm and the direction of the shore allows you to see the sun fully disappear into the water (a very rare sight for East Coasters)."
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